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Today in Cake Club: Brum has not been seen since a client spotted a typo in an old advert and had to run
a craft Pilates course in her living room, Hanna has started singing Folk songs to supplement her income
(or that’s what it sounded like.

Vicki broke a lamp post coming back from the school run, but has enlisted
Lonn to come and fix it. Mike has agreed the transport costs (3 Victoria Sponges and a packet of Hob
Nobs) and next Thursday has been pencilled in.

Meanwhile in Bristol, Cat arrived at the police station without her notebook and has no idea which cell
she should have been in and ended up locked in with Barry, a Middle-aged gentleman from Lewisham
incarcerated for impersonating a bicycle.

Swearah got into a fight with Elon Musk over a packet of crumpets and Darren inadvertently reignited a
war between Donald Trump and Alan Sugar over the Golf Course of the Year awards…

In a Mandela moment, everyone was convinced Crazy French Politician Marie Le Hen was already an
MHHSBD member until Darren pointed out we were getting her confused with Jack Monroe…

Jo, having lost her keys was last seen shinning up the drainpipe at the back of the house shouting
something something obscene in Hungarian…(she doesn’t even speak Hungarian…)

In late, breaking news, Hanna, in a total dereliction of will-power has eaten her children’s roast chicken
and now has to feed them Chicken dippers and alphabetti spaghetti

Then Vicki had a fight with her son’s teacher after Jo gave her some sound advice. Darren is currently
driving down to Essex nick to bail her out after a whip round in group Kindness…