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It’s rare that your column writer features, but today has mostly been pea-related as Lee hijacked the Group Chat with pea-related nonsense (yes I know I’ve used pea-related twice, OK, three times, in the same sentence) in a completely non-admin-sanctioned challenge to try and get the fabulous #possiblypeas hashtag trending…

A massive three people threw themselves into the Challenge: Cat, Swearah and Brum, waking herself up from her day off, bombarding Twitter with post after post of glorious pea-filled amazingness, and the lead for the prize swung back and forth all day.

Vicki, busy beavering away on a top secret new project (so top secret even she doesn’t know what it is) interjected with a spot of seriousness with a lovely photograph of a marbled boat that Anne had sent (she thought she had issues with a flat full of Loungefly, but with an 80’s-style “Bully’s Star Prize” now cluttering the living room, she has a much bigger problem…)

Peas continued to be the theme of the day until Darren came in blowing his own trumpet about the #MHHSABCD hashtag (No I didn’t know he could play either – but turns out it was Nessie’s) -Apparently it has more reach than a JCB low loader AND costs less than a Loungefly bag.

Jo has been at work all day studying Health And Safety at Work standards and is going to help Brum in her meeting with her amazing new boss on Thursday (mainly to make sure there are no knives within throwing distance)

Cat has also been making some Yarn Cake which excited Mike no end . We’re just waiting for the recipe, due to be published shortly.

Adele continues to be super awesome at juggling. (You expected me to add ‘her day job with her fantastic soap-making enterprise’ there didn’t you? but no, she’s actually super awesome at juggling. Today it was peas.

At the time of writing, Swearah is nudging ahead with the competition, being three carrots (#possiblypeas) in front of the nearest challenger. The competition runs until Friday 9th March 2018, so still plenty of time to get your tweets in!