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Adele, fresh from a Night Shift packing shower melts (so bound to smell fresh) wearily dropped in this morning to say hi, before collapsing in a Fragrance Oil Coma for the second time in a week.

Darren advertised the Group Transfer Window as being open, and at lunchtime, record signing Sarah joined the Cakies for an undisclosed fee (Yes I know if it’s undisclosed, how could you know it’s a record, but I promised not to mention the hand fetish he has, so he told me) Sarah, joins as spare Sarah #3 in case Brum gets sent to prison on Thursday (Only kidding Sarah, you’re spare Sarah #2)

Talking of Brum, just in case she doesn’t get arrested, she’s applied for the regional Food Standards Authority position that’s just become vacant in Birmingham. If successful she will be trialing a new lizard-based salad freshness system.

Darren, had a bit of a quiet day today after the new signing and there was no mention of his hand fetish again whatsoever.

Lexi Sarah also known as Hybrid Sarah, joins the group from Group Fearsome, where they don’t know about Darren’s penchant for Petite Pedicures, so was most enlightened when Jyoti (Glass Sarah) happened to mention that Darren had a hand fetish.

It’s been a very Sarah-centred day today (not suprising really as we’re all Sarah’s here) as Swearah volunteered to model Hanna’s latest range of crocheted pants. Hanna is taking a very much needed Twitter Break at the moment and in a rare moment of absolute seriousness, can we all say we hope she comes back fully recharged and full of the wit and verve we’ve come to know and love her for.

Cat has offered to supply some hand dyed yarn for the initial trial run.

Anne, having been missing all day, has counted her way out of the nature reserve and is now counting sheep in the next field over. Apparently she got to 24 and then fell asleep.

Jo has been painting sheds in an unprecedented move away from Cacti, just to confuse Lee and is selling them on ebay for £956. Real, full-sized sheds.

Meanwhile, in Promotional Serious Twittering news, Melly ran a competition on the main Twitter feed to win a year’s supply of cake, which Lee (having tied Mike to Lonn) won with his vast experience and knowledge of Irish flags.

Nessie has been painting her nails this afternoon in a bid to get a pay rise from Darren (the hand fetishist) but everyone knows she’s the one that does all the hard work anyway.

Having accidentally locked herself in her own dungeon this morning, Vicki is now crochetting a new range of soap in a brand new endeavour with Dean. Dean has thankfully offered to hand model the new Crochoap for the marketing material, which Darren is very excited about.

So, all in all absolutely no mention of Hand Fetishists.

I think we got away with that one, Darren…