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Training cows for the Olympics

Everyone has heard the nursery rhyme ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ and how can anyone not be mooved by it’s emotive language? This is exactly what inspired the young dairy cow, Daisy, 4, of Harrison Farm in Jackborough, to start training for the Olympics. Not for her were the glory events of track, the 100 metres or the 1500m, no – she was aiming high – quite literally. Taking inspiration from the Rhyme, she went straight for the pole vault and approached Alex Correira to help her prepare.

Things like too many legs and lack of opposable thumbs presented an initial challenge to the novice coach, but after literally minutes of research, she came up with an ingenius method involving coasters and gaffa tape.

Setting up an intensive daily training regime of 2 laps around the top field, followed by an hour’s intensive grass-eating session, Daisy was soon ready for her first test event.

Competing at the Jackborough Open Championships, Daisy came 123rd out of a field of 8.