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Swearah’s exciting Weather Machine purchase from the middle Isle at Lidl appears to have developed a fault, causing the sun to turn to rain. After spending an hour looking for the receipt, she planned on taking it back for a refund.

In Norfolk, however, Anne was experiencing some fabulous sunshine and has invited us all over for Scones. This of course will be after she’s cycled over to her mum’s to pick up some curtains to be translated into Japanese…

Cat was having a day off from making coffee for other people and instead is making her own coffee soup to eat whist attempting to rebuild the alpaca website. She’s planning on adding the soup to the cafe menu tomorrow… Joining many other people, she has taken the step of closing her Etsy Shop and is now going it alone, selling creative cats on her own website. She’s only got the one, so we’re not sure what happens when she sells it…

In Sewing news, Swearah had a motivational start to the day deciding to Work From Bed™. Unfortunately plans to launch her brand new Shopify site took a further delay as she sewed herself to her duvet and almost missed #elevenseshour. Having unpicked herself from the bedding, she’s now taken herself on a date with herself to watch absolutely everything at the cinema. She’s going to be back with us hopefully some time in June…

Speaking of Elevenses, Hanna made a welcome return to host and was inundated with chat. None of it made sense of course, because #TeamCake, and she’s still replying back to the hashtag even as I type.

PE Kits have been issued to all Cake members after SarahX highlighted that she wasn’t the only one who didn’t have one. This of course led to a flurry of excuse notes to teacher. Apparently Swearah’s head has fallen off and SarahX has grown an extra three legs. Vicki is currently making Dean write the next three months’ worth of excuse notes.

Brum has filled her house with kittens and puppies and can no longer bake quick enough. She says they’re not all staying….

Jo, fresh from the hilarious experience of LiveTweeting Eurovision is away writing her first novel. It’s set in the the world of Cactus Painting in Oxford, using her everyday insights into this niche area and her constant struggle with the demands of a fun-seeking toddler. Today sees her attempting to write whilst swimming.

Having been exasperated whilst trying to update her website, Adele has baked herself into a person-sized cake from a recipe sent by Mike and has spent the rest of the afternoon eating her way out of it. Following her argument with her Eatsy Auditor, Group Cake were ready with the Pitchforks, or would have been had Lee not left them in Stockport. Darren is currently on the phone to a rake rental firm..

Ness has made a welcome return to the Cult and has replaced Billy Duffy as lead guitarist. Recording starts next week.

In late news -turns out everyone is FILTHY! (according the the carbon footprint webscanner anyway…)

In short-lived Cake career, SarahX suggested we added the Spanish Transit Fetishist which resulted in an hour long debate over whether we should keep her or not… Was lovely knowing you… 🙂

Only Kidding 😉