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As most of my followers will know, I spend most of my time when I’m not at my day job, working on model making – specifically commissions of model houses for my lovely customers. I’m lucky (or cursed) to have a rather long waiting list for my bespoke models – each one taking upwards of 70 hours, so my actual spare time is at a premium.

Even when you enjoy something as much as I enjoy making model houses, there is be a danger that it can become a chore, that you can become a little jaded by ‘having’ to work on a project, so now and again you need to put it aside and work on something a little fun.

I’m writing this both as a piece of advice for crafters and modelmakers, but also from a point of view of what I’ve done recently.

I have a love of making, and I’d like to think I can turn my hand at pretty much anything, so having seen a tutorial on making miniature food from polymer clay, I thought I’d have a go at it one night. Sadly, I don’t have any photos to show you, but if you check out the work of makingminis on TikTok, you’ll see the wonderful things she makes and what I was trying to emulate. These little projects are fun to do and are easily done in a couple of hours, so you get a sense of accomplishment in having finished something tangible. Anyway, having made my little loaf of bread, I’d ended up with leftover clay and rolled it into a ball and on a whim, made it into a little skeleton head.

I showed some friends and they instantly suggested it would make an excellent scarecrow head, so grabbing a couple of toothpicks, I fashioned a post for it to sit on, and a little range of scarecrows was born.

I now like to make one or two of these on an odd evening when I feel the need to work on something fun and feel a sense of accomplishment. I have evolved and developed my style now and each scarecrow is completely individual – sometimes they are accessorised with a theme, for instance, I made a vampire one for a special request.

Of course, everything I make is for sale, so if you’d like to own your own lnrmodels scarecrow, you can check out my Etsy – they’re perfect for Halloween!