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Swearah began the day by being incredibly excited about finding a fresh pair of pants in the drier and thankfully avoided having a Pilates-related accident as she celebrated.

Vicki flew in to tell us that she now has to find a new place to sleep as her flat is now a shrine to Loungefly.

Jo was a little downhearted about having to spend yet another day with just her daughter for company, and having had Dustin Hoffman and the Outbreak Emergency Team turn up at the park made an exciting turn for the worse, but the day was brightened by the allure of non existent camels at the fair. The non existent camels turned out to be entirely accurate non existent camels and now no one is allowed to say camels

Anne has been busy counting grass with her friend down at the allotment – she’s currently on 945, 456, so please, no one distract her.

Mike and Cat have been baking Cakes and swapping recipes. It’s all Greek to me.

Brum has had to make 2300 covers at Sunday lunch today and her new boss is a turnip, There is to be a turnip carving session in the kitchen on Thursday.

Cat, Adele and Swearah have been giving Lee some amazing ideas for a new book outlining the benefits of being a male in a Hormonal Feminist Craft Workshop and has a meeting with a publisher next tuesday

Darren has won Website of the Day, for the best Helpful Hints Review Site with an Orange and black logo and Ness has completed the sponsored coffee drink, consuming an amazing 543 litres in just under 10 hours, Please visit her JustGiveIn page to donate.