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Following a severe lack of pants this morning, (there’s a running theme here) Lee was inundated with offers of a hand, until Anne realised we weren’t American… A brand new, packet-sealed pair was sent by emergency carrier pigeon…

A lack of milk also prompted Jo to send a second carrier pigeon northwards with the promise of breakfast.

A massive cake made of cake was delivered to the Cake office and it was declared that there would be enough to go round if only Mike was distracted. A trail of French Fancies (Not you, Cat) was laid to Vicki’s Dungeon™ and Mike is now handily helping Dean to make soap cakes as an an additional line to the Crochoap©.

The aforementioned Vicki has won an award for the smallest crochet in the world, having made a really, really tiny hand attached to a really really tiny arm. Crochetting with whisps of gossamer silk and using a pin as a crochet hook, she has temporarily lost the use of her hands and has gone a little crochet blind.

SarahX, has been testing the waters with taking the piss, but apparently the dog beat her to it (or peed in her shoe, innit?) , but that’s what you get for teasing them with Creme eggs.

Brum has been chain smoking chocolate biscuits in preparation for an unexpectedly premature #possiblypeas showdown with her useless boss. Jo, having offered to act as Food Standards Intermediary was unable to be on hand at short notice having been on hold to the Carrier Pigeon Tracking Service to try and get to the bottom of why Lee’s breakfast ended up overshooting and ended up in Scarborough.

The plus side to this is now SarahX is making a bucket load of Rice Krispie Cakes mixed with Marshmallow and formed into handy sized (and shaped treats).

Having now locked Darren (by his own volition) into the last remaining dungeon slot (who is now maniacally dancing hand manifestation dances in the dark, Vicki now has half the admin team handily locked away and is rumoured to be plotting a coup. Suggestions that it has something to do with a Burton-related Loungefly addiction are as yet unfounded.

Adele has been inundated with serious work and made a welcome cameo appearance just before lunch and Anne, after a walk in the rain, was last heard proof reading the Japanese instructions for a hand-held Chinese made translation pen…

Swearah, having switched locations from her bed to the M&S Cafes to gain clarity and focus, has now taken a career path change and is now food blogging – travelling the country sampling the very finest in cheese toasties and Vimto. A handy guide to Toasties, is due to be launched next week…

Melly, having looked at some Irish-themed county flag hearts yesterday is now trying her hand at some unicorn-based craft.

It is believed that Ness, inadvertantly took delivery of 3 tons of Coriander on Monday morning and is now bed-ridden with palpitations. Clair has been dispatched North to hold her hand with a care package (bottle of Gin)

I am definitely NOT going to tell you my first image search for the header image was for ‘Dungeon Mistress’, noooo….