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So, I’m just going to get a little serious here. Group Cake is more than the sum of its parts. When one slice is hurt, the whole cake feels the cut and comes together.

We’re here for everyone and it’s a place for a giggle, for friendship, a vent, and above all for support. The wonderful Adele of Pretty Savage has had her fingers burnt by a nefarious business guru and came to the group for advice, for assurance that she wasn’t being unreasonable, and above all, for support. That’s what we’re here for, not just an automatic not-looking retweet (Lovely!)

Despite Swearah offering to go postal on her ass, the sentiment was sincere. We are all here for you. You’re doing a wonderful job of trying to grow your fabulous business and juggle your day job and family life on top of it. Most of us are in the same situation and really emphasise with you. Some days we feel like crying too, but you are never alone. We’re always here and despite Darren’s assertions that we’re all c***s, we’re really not 🙂

You have the love and support of an absolutely amazing small business community, hampered only by geography (still don’t know what an ox-bow lake is)

So no matter whether you want inspiration for a new name for wax melts, a request for testimonials or reassurance that you’re doing it right, we’ll always be here.

You know that when she’s sobbing into her Special Brew in that stinking underpass, you will be smiling with the satisfaction of knowing you made it without her, and that you have CAKE…

(The title of this post was inspired by NotLexi, Hanna and Vicki)

Normal daftness will resume shortly.